Van Gogh Pikachu price slashed as Pokemon TCG promo gets restocked

Em Stonham
Gigantamax Pikachu from Pokemon anime.

Did you miss out on the Pokemon Van Gogh Pikachu promo card? Don’t worry – there are two more chances to grab it and resale prices for the card seem to be dropping steadily.

If you’ve been following the story of the Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat card, you’ll know that it’s been one of the most chaos-inducing promo cards out there. From scalpers to alleged thefts, this precious promo has been covered extensively.

Despite the high prices that this card was originally seen selling for, the resale prices for Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat seem to be dropping quickly. This could be due to the announcement that Pokemon TCG fans have two more opportunities to get their hands on the card in the coming weeks.

Van Gogh Pikachu promo price drops dramatically

It has been announced recently that fans will have two more opportunities to get their hands on this highly sought-after promo card. These are quite location-specific, though. US Pokemon fans won’t be able to head to any stores for it this weekend, as the stores are in the Netherlands.

Retailers Intertoys and MediaMarkt are both set to stock this promo card over this weekend, so fans will be able to grab it in person. The card will be given out to people who spend €30 or more, and it’s possible that more retailers will join the promotion over the weekend, too.

Pokemon TCG Van Gogh
Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat promo card.

As reported on Pokebeach, there should be another chance for fans to grab the card with an Intertoys store giveaway. There isn’t much available information about this yet, but we will be sure to update this post when we know more.

The resale price for this card has already dipped dramatically since the original release, and it’s likely that we’ll see this trend continue as more stock continues to flood the market.

Around 3 months ago, the card was selling for roughly $160 USD (or even higher, depending on quality and grading) and it can now be obtained from sites like TCGPlayer for around $120 USD.

If you’re unable to get to one of the participating stores but still want to get your hands on the card, we’d recommend hanging on for now. Based on what we’ve seen so far with this card’s performance on the market, it’s very likely that the resale price will change further.

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