Pokemon TCG stunning Miraidon and Koraidon promo cards have fans desperate for ETBs

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Koraidon Miraidon Promos ETBThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon TCG promos for the first Scarlet & Violet expansion are beginning to release online, and several of the Elite Trainer Box pomo cards have fans ready to pre-order.

Pokemon TCG fans will start the Scarlet & Violet expansion with plenty of exciting cards to look forward to. Alongside the new “ex” cards, it has been confirmed that Terastallization will also feature as a new mechanic.

While only a few collections for the new Gen 9 expansion have been announced so far, the set appears to be bringing some of the best concepts of Gen 8 forward in the Pokemon TCG. This includes stunning Full Arts and Promos.

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One of the most exciting collections to recently be announced are the first Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Boxes. Featuring the box Legendaries Koraidon and Miraidon, the sets can be pre-ordered on the Pokemon Center website, and include dice, sleeves, booster packs, and Full Art Promo cards.

Pokemon TCG Koraidon & Miraidon promos are beautiful

In a Twitter post by Serebii.net’s Joe Merrick, the Pokemon guru shares images of the upcoming Full Art Miraidon and Koraidon promo cards from the Scarlet & Violet ETBs.

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Pokemon TCG Fans in the comments are expressing their excitement, with one stating, “These are incredible! How do we get our hands on them?” while another adds, “okay, wow these are gorgeous”.

Others comment on the actual art of the cards, with one fan explaining, “interesting setting for Miraidon. I think that since all the future Paradox Pokémon are all cyborgs/robots I assumed that they were made as ‘replacement’ species (like fossil Pokémon of the future) and some cataclysm had decimated the population.”

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Pokemon TCG players looking to get these beautiful cards must purchase the Miraidon and Koraidon Elite Trainer Boxes. Additionally, pre-ordering one of the Pokemon Center ETBs will provide an additional copy of these Full Art cards, but with the official Pokemon Center stamp included on each duplicate.