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Pokemon Unite players call for new report options after viral trolling clip

Published: 28/Aug/2021 16:41

by Lawrence Scotti


Pokemon Unite fans are calling on Nintendo to give them an option to report players for trolling after a clip went viral showing a player griefing a match.

It’s safe to say that all MOBA’s have had their fair share of problems when it comes to trolling be it from their own teammates or the opposing team.

Regardless of the fact that Pokemon Unite is a Nintendo title geared at a younger audience, it is not immune to players who enjoy frustrating their teammates.

After a clip went viral online of a player dealing with a troublesome teammate, Unite players are asking Nintendo for some more options when it comes to accurately reporting players.


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Pokemon Unite trolls

A clip from Reddit user malva8 went viral online, showing the pain it is to deal with a troll. Malva was playing Ghastly, attempting to kill wild Pokemon in the beginning stage of the match. Right as they are about to kill each Pokemon, their teammate playing Snorlax jumps in and steals the kill swiping away valuable XP and points.

The Snorlax player proceeds to walk in circles and wait for Ghastly to get wild Pokemon low so that they can steal away each kill. This is your classic case of trolling,

“It’s so frustrating we can’t do anything to ban this kind of people…” they said, pining about the lack of a report function.


In the comments, fellow Unite players lamented about how they’d like to see some additions to the report system, specifically a way to report trolling. One user added: “There really should be a report linked to trolling, but since the reports on this game seem to be mostly only automated, without any moderation, I guess they just left it out to not need actual people managing the bans.”

Many other, if not all other popular MOBA’s have a way to report teammates or enemies for trolling. As it stands. there currently is no way to report another player for this type of behavior.


Hopefully, for Unite players’ sake, there will be a more unified effort by Nintendo to properly punish players who aren’t taking matches seriously, as it will help improve the quality of the game and remove toxic player behavior.