Pokemon Unite Ranked Rewards for Season 1

Pokemon Unite Ranked RewardsThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios

Trainers can score rewards by participating in the TiMi Studio MOBA’s competitive mode. Here is a breakdown of the Pokemon Unite Ranked Rewards for Season 1, including how to get the exclusive Work Set clothing item.

Pokemon Unite’s Season 1 is underway after launching on the Nintendo Switch in July 2021. Players looking to prove their skills can aim for the Master Cup by entering the team-based multiplayer’s Ranked matchmaking.

Trainers participating in competitive can score a flurry of rewards depending on their final placement by the end of the season. This guide will take a look at the Pokemon Unite Ranked rewards and how to unlock the Work Set for your in-game avatar.

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Pokemon Unite Ranked rewards

  • Beginner: 2,000 Aeos Tickets
  • Great: 4,000 Tickets
  • Expert: 6,000 Tickets
Pokemon Unite Ranked Rewards Beginner Great ExpertThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Each rank gets an expanded reward.
  • Veteran: 10,000 Aeos Tickets
  • Ultra: 15,000 Tickets
  • Master: 20,000 Tickets
Pokemon Unite Ranked Rewards Veteran Ultra MasterThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
The Master Cup is the highest rank in Pokemon Unite.

How to unlock Pokemon Unite Rewards

Pokemon Unite Ranked CupsThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Pokemon Unite has 6 cups in Ranked mode.

Trainers need to make their way through the Ranked Mode’s level system to unlock rewards. Each cup they reach will secure them a new reward that will be given to them once Season 1 ends on September 21, 2021.

The first half of the ranked matchmaking consists of the Beginner Cup which requires players to complete three classes before moving on. After that, the Great Cup starts to ramp up the difficulty by requiring four classes to be finished.

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Lastly, Expert, Veteran, and Ultra Cup each have five classes that players need to complete before they can progress. While TiMi Studios has a Performance Points system mean to cushion losses, Trainers can actually be demoted to a lower cup if they lose too many times.

Pokemon Unite rewards: Work Set

Pokemon Unite Rewards Work SetThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
The Work Set is exclusive to Season 1 Ranked Mode.

As a reward for participating in Season 1’s Ranked Mode, TiMi Studios is giving away the snazzy Work Set outfit for a limited time.

Those looking to score the clothing item need to play at least 20 Ranked Matches and reach the Expert Cup before September 21, 2021.

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Once you hit the goal, the outfit can be immediately equipped to your Trainer in the closet menu.

While the Pokemon Unite Ranked rewards do not look varied on the surface, Aeos Tickets can be incredibly useful.  The reward can buy Item Enhancers to upgrade the levels of Held Items.

Those who place high in ranked mode by the end of Season 1, will be able to permanently increase their character’s stats by utilizing the special currency.

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