Pokemon Unite patch notes: Sableye and Duraludon nerfs, Dodrio buffed, more

Pokemon unite patch notesThe Pokemon Company

On December 22, Pokemon Unite updated their game. The patch notes target nerfing some overbearing picks, including Sableye and Duraludon. Here are the full patch notes.

Patch updates help stabilize the meta, implementing some necessary balance to outlier picks. This time around, most of the balancing targeted the more powerful Pokemon, nerfing them as the developers deemed fit. In Pokemon Unite patch1.8.1.4, the developers implemented a new battle pass as well.

What is changing in Pokemon Unite version

Duraludon nerfed

This Pokemon has been quite the problem, dealing far too much damage and hyper-carrying games. They’re increasing the pick’s cooldowns on Dragon Tail and Dragon Pulse, while also decreasing the overall utility of Revolving Ruin.

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Dodrio slightly buffed

It appears Dodrio is one of the few Pokemon that received any buffs. But this buff was also incorporated alongside nerfs to Agility, so it’s very much a mixed bag of nuts. This Pokemon has honestly been rather weak, and could definitely use some more help keeping up with its contemporaries.

Pokemon Unite Pokemon Company
Dodrio received very slight buffs in the latest patch.

Pokemon Unite patch notes


Confuse Ray

  • Cooldown increased 8 seconds → 10 seconds


Dragon Tail

  • Cooldown increased 12 seconds → 14 seconds

Dragon Pulse

  • Cooldown increased 8 seconds → 9 seconds
  • Damage from damage markers reduced by 25%

Revolving Ruin

  • Shield effect reduced by 15%
  • Movement speed decrease reduced by 20%



  • Cooldown increased 10 seconds → 11 seconds
  • Reduced effect of movement speed by 20%

Jump Kick

  • Cooldown decreased 7.5 seconds → 6.5 seconds


Water Pulse

  • Cooldown increased 4 seconds → 5 seconds
  • Damage decreased 681 → 464


Beast Boost

  • Increases muscle gauge when Buzzwole damages wild Pokémon


  • Cooldown increased 6 seconds → 7.5 seconds


Pyro Ball

  • Damage decreased 2165 41 per burn, 2288 total



  • Cooldown decreased 12 seconds → 10 seconds
  • Shield effect increased by 20%