Pokemon Unite patch notes: Urshifu release, Sableye nerfs, new battle pass

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On December 1, Pokemon Unite updated their game. The patch notes target nerfing some overbearing picks, and also mark the release of the brand new playable pokemon: Urshifu. Here is the full patch notes.

Patch updates help Pokemon Unite’s meta stabilize, providing some much needed balance for some outlier picks. In Pokemon Unite patch, the developers implemented a new battle pass, a brand new playable character, and playable pokemon balancing.

What is changing in Pokemon Unite version

Urshifu debut

The new playable pick has two different forms, similar to that of Scyther and Scizor. In essence, Urshifu has two different base forms: Rapid Strike Style and Single Strike Style. Its form will depend on the move that players commit on, and therefore cannot be changed later on in the game.

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Battle Pass season 12

Included in the new patch update is a brand new battle pass, which means new cosmetics, missions, and an exclusive limited time holowear! This is the twelfth battle pass installment, and has Aurora Style Gardevoir as the main reward.

Pokemon Unite patch notes



  • Effect weakened

Shadow Sneak

  • Effect weakened
  • Cooldown increased 11 seconds → 13 seconds
  • damage decreased 1580 → 1060

Confuse Ray

  • Cooldown increased 8 second

Feint Attack

  • Damage increased 207 per hit 1863 total → 228 per hit 2052 total

Mr. Mime


  • Stat decreased 9402 → 8800


Night Slash

  • Damage decreased 1051 → 945



  • Stat decreased 400 → 350

Sp. Defense

  • Stat decreased 323 → 285


  • Cooldown increased 5.5 seconds 7 seconds

Grassy Glide

  • Shield effect weakened


Boosted attack

  • damage increased

Stored Power

  • Effects on user strengthened


Dual Wingbeat

  • Damage increased 1077 per hit 2154 total


Ice Fang

  • Cooldown reduced


Basic attack

  • Damage effect adjusted

Seismic Slam

  • Bug fixes



  • Bug fixes

Full Heal

  • Cooldown increased