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Pokemon trainer creates perfect Galar Region stats calculator app

Published: 4/May/2020 12:34

by David Purcell


One Pokemon trainer has been using their newly-found abundance of free time to create something really creative for Sword and Shield, revealing a first-look at their new stats calculator project. 

Many trainers have been waiting for The Pokemon Company to reveal a handheld companion application for mobile devices for some time, with a mobile Pokedex having been rumored since the game released back in November 2019.

The Reddit user, minimalAtom, posted their idea to the Pokemon Sword and Shield subreddit on May 4, leaving many other members of the online community wondering about when it would be released to download.

Pokemon / Nintendo
Knowing stats of Pokemon can be really helpful in battle.

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Just like a whole bunch of other web and app developers operating in the market today, this budding dev faces a huge issue in their quest to have their work published – copyright.

They said: “I built a side project Galar Pokedex/Stat Calculator app in the last three days because of quarantine,” before revealing more details about their creation, along with a video to show what it’s made of.

“This was built using technologies for iPhones/iPad, so it’s iOS only right now. But I’m hoping to learn more on android and web development soon and maybe get something out there for others to use in the future!”


I built a side project Galar Pokedex/Stat Calculator app in the last 3 days because quarantine from PokemonSwordAndShield

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The concept app would essentially let users work out, at speed, how well their Pokemon species will perform at certain levels. It works in a similar way to Pokemon Showdown, which is available online in a beta version.

For example, by clicking Celebi, you can see that at level 50 it will have a certain attack stat etc. This can even be modified to show effects of specific natures as well, making it a really personalized experience – based on the footage.

While the idea itself went down well in the subreddit, offering an easily accessible database of Pokemon stats just a few clicks away, the creator doesn’t own the licenses for the assets and that makes it pretty much impossible for them to post it on iOS or Android app stores.


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“See if you can make it into a mobile website. Might eliminate some issues you’d run into with app store,” one fellow player suggested, and the same advice was given by a few more as well.

MinimalAtom responded: “I’m using this quarantine time to learn web and android development, so hopefully I’ll be able to do that in the near future.”

u/minimalAtom, Reddit
minimalAtom has pledged to use these ideas in web form, if an application isn’t possible.

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While this application might not be possible for these reasons, it doesn’t mean to say that the idea itself has to go to waste. There are countless companion services made by fans, just like serebii.net and Showdown that are used by players every day.


This, for all we know, might be the next big thing in the community. We’ll have to wait and see.