Pokemon theory on why Pawmot can’t use key Fighting-type move is blowing fans’ minds

Noelle Corbett
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet PawmotThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet theory explains why the Pawmot line not having access to the move Drain Punch makes perfect sense.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced the Electric-type Pawmot line to the franchise. Its base form, Pawmi, can be caught early on, and it gains the Fighting type when it evolves into Pawmo and later Pawmot.

Given the Pokemon’s design and typing, fans have long questioned why Pawmo and Pawmot can’t learn the Fighting-type move Drain Punch. This attack allows the user to damage an opponent and regain HP, making it especially useful in battle.

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However, a fan theory shared on Reddit presents a pretty good explanation for why the Pawmot line doesn’t learn Drain Punch that has to do with the creature’s design and inspirations.

Pawmot and its pre-evolutions, Pawmo and Pawmi, in the PokedexThe Pokemon Company

Pawmot theory explains why the Pokemon can’t use Drain Punch

As shared by Reddit user mrs-monroe, whose husband proposed the theory, it’s possible Pawmot cannot learn Drain Punch because it’s meant to be a healer.

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Pawmot and Pawmo’s hands resemble the defibrillator paddles used to provide an electrical charge in an attempt to restore a patient’s normal heartbeat. The evolutionary line’s Electric typing further supports this, as well as the fact that much of its official artwork draws attention to its hands.

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Based on this, the theory says “it wouldn’t be appropriate” for a Pokemon like this to have a draining move, leading one commenter to note, “Because Pawmo doesn’t take life, it gives it.”

Pawmot’s status as a healer is solidified by it being one of just two Pokemon who can learn Revival Blessing, a status move that revives a fainted teammate. This move is the only way to revive a Pokemon without using an item, making it the only possible revival method in competitive play.

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Of course, since this is Pokemon, Pawmot isn’t strictly a healer and absolutely can take out an opponent. Still, Pokemon seems to be drawing a distinction between dealing damage and literally draining an opponent’s health which helps explain why Pawmot and its evolutionary relatives can’t use Drain Punch.

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