Pokemon teases more 25th anniversary announcements – is it Diamond & Pearl remake?

Screenshot of Pokemon 25th Anniversary promotion.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company has teased that announcements will occur soon during Pokemon Day’s 25th anniversary celebration. Will Diamond & Pearl remake finally be revealed?

It’s been over two decades since Pokemon was first unveiled to the world. The popular franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary on February 27 with a live concert featuring Post Malone.

The Japanese company also confirmed that they will be making several announcements during the special festivities. The tease has some believing a Diamond and Pearl remake may be announced soon.

Screenshot of Pokemon 25 promotional.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon announcements will be made during the 25th anniversary celebrations.

More Pokemon 25th anniversary announcements

It should come as no surprise that Game Freak is gearing up to reveal projects they have been working on. Pokemon Day has traditionally been when major announcements were made such as Sun and Moon in 2016, and Sword and Shield in 2019.

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Following the Post Malone concert reveal on February 11, The Pokemon Company confirmed that 2021 would be similar. “Fans can expect more announcements that week from across the franchise,” they tweeted.

Interestingly, it seems they plan to spread the announcements across the week as opposed to a single day. “Across from the franchise” is what sticks out the most, and definitely seems to point towards a mainline release as a possibility. But what could it be?

Screenshot of Diamond & Pearl Pokemon Dialga and Palkia over space galaxy background.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company / Pixabay
Will Diamond & Pearl remake finally be announced?

What is on almost every fan’s mind is the long-rumored Gen IV Remake. While there has never been any confirmation from Game Freak that they are even working on one, the “leaks” and “rumors” about the project won’t go away.

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Perhaps the most compelling evidence came in January when a Diamond & Pearl sub-domain went live on Pokemon.com, only to be deactivated as soon as fans discovered it.

Fans of the franchise took to social media after The Pokemon Company teased the announcements, with many anticipating a Diamond & Pearl remake. “I hope some of those announcements include DP remake,” one user wrote. Another exclaimed, “If they don’t announce Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remakes all hell will break loose.”

Screenshot of Pokemon fans wanting Diamond & Pearl.

Of course, fans should lower their expectations at least a little bit. While the internet seems convinced that a Diamond & Pearl remake is a forgone conclusion, it may not even be in development. Regardless of what it ends up being, history seems to point towards some kind of mainline release.

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Given that Sword & Shield made its debut in November 2019, we are due for another title to space out Gen 8 and 9. Only time will tell what the Japanese developers have up their sleeve. At least the wait is almost over.