YouTuber PokeRev opens destroyed Pokemon TCG booster box

Laura Gray
PokeRev YouTuber Opens Ruined Brilliant Stars Booster Box

A Pokemon YouTuber opens a destroyed Brilliant Stars Booster Box with heart-breaking results, showcasing damage done to highly valuable cards.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has come into the spotlight in recent years thanks to a number of particularly valuable cards. From the original base set Charizard cards to secret rare full arts in modern sets, each card is valuable both for competitive play and overall collections.

Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for damage to be done to all types of Pokemon merchandise, and it can be the most heartbreaking when the victim of bad shipping is a highly sought-after booster box.

PokeRev opens obliterated box of Pokemon booster packs

In a video shared by PokeRev, the YouTuber explains that a recently received case of official Brilliant Stars booster boxes came damaged. He reveals a large hole punched through the side of the shipping container, shredding a booster box and ripping the delicate plastic and cardboard away from the packs.

PokeRev painstakingly goes through opening each pack, which hold heartbreaking pulls like a bent Charizard V, wobbly Drampa V, and a warped Sylveon V Trainer Gallary card.

As frustrating as the pulls likely are for the avid YouTuber and collector, there is good news for both PokeRev and any other players who have had the misfortune of receiving damaged Pokemon cards. While the collectable value has decreased, these cards are still perfectly playable, and can easily be flatted for use in a deck.

While it may be upsetting to pull the perfect Charizard or find the one missing holo for a personal collection from a damaged pack, the true purpose of the cards isn’t devalued, making them a great pull despite the bends and creases.

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