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Pokemon Sword & Shield player shares “horrifying” theory about Glastrier and Spectrier’s origins

Published: 29/Mar/2021 13:25

by Daniel Megarry


A wild theory about Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Legendary horses Glastrier and Spectrier has gone viral, leaving many in the community feeling both horrified and convinced that it’s true.

When Pokemon Sword & Shield’s second DLC expansion The Crown Tundra arrived in 2020, it introduced trainers to a new Legendary called Calyrex, a graceful creature that ruled over the Galar region as king in ancient times.

As part of Crown Tundra’s storyline, players are tasked with reuniting Calyrex with his loyal steed. There are two options, either the Ice-type Glastrier or the Ghost-type Spectrier, and Calyrex will ride whichever one is chosen.


Many trainers were left unsure as to why you could choose between two horses when the legend of Calyrex suggests there was one single horse, but this incredible (and slightly creepy) theory might have just answered that question.

Pokemon Spectrier and Glastrier
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Calyrex’s loyal steed might have a terrifying origin story.

Creepy Glastrier and Spectrier theory goes viral

In a post on the Pokemon Sword & Shield subreddit, user Gamingwithbrendan argued that, in their version of events, Calyrex’s loyal steed was actually a Galarian Rapidash before it got lost, froze to death, and split into two separate Pokemon.

As seen in the image below, both of the Legendary horses have very similar features that appear to be taken from Galarian Rapidash. The theory contends that Glastrier is the Pokemon’s reanimated frozen corpse, while Spectrier is its ghost.


Theory from PokemonSwordAndShield


The post on Reddit has received thousands of upvotes and plenty of comments from Pokemon fans who are now choosing to believe that Gamingwithbrendan’s crazy theory is actually true.

“This is horrifying and I love it,” said one player. It’s a sentiment echoed by most Reddit users in the thread, with one writing, “This should be Pokemon canon. I dig this theory,” and another adding, “That’s kinda f**ked up. I like it!”

While some trainers argued the theory would be a little too horrifying for the franchise to actually be true, one person explained, “The anime showed a trainer’s Luxray freeze to death. So before anyone says it, it’s not too dark for Pokemon.”


When it comes to lore and origin stories, Pokemon has shown it can be deeper and a little darker than most people would expect, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if this Glastrier and Spectrier theory is actually pretty close to reality.