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Pokemon Sword & Shield player has instant regret after unluckiest Shiny fail ever

Published: 23/Jan/2021 0:32

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon Sword & Shield fan had the community reeling after uploading a video of their mistake that cost them a Shiny Metagross in the Nintendo Switch title.

Ever since its introduction into the franchise in Gen II, Shiny Pokemon have had Trainers spending each generation trying to hunt down the incredibly rare variants.

A Sword & Shield player went viral online after making a classic mistake which led to them missing out on catching a highly sought after version of Metagross.

Screenshot of Metagross in Pokemon Sword & Shield.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
While not a Legendary, Metagross is still one of the most rare ‘mon to catch in Shiny form.

Pokemon Sword & Shield player’s unlucky Shiny encounter

In most cases, using a Master Ball is only reserved for incredibly rare Mythical Pokemon. However some ‘mon fall into a gray space of what the community call ‘pseudo-Legendaries’ such as Gen III Steel type Metagross. 


A Sword & Shield player fell into this dilemma in the Gen 8 title when they stumbled upon a Shiny Metagross while doing a Raid. Fan ‘Cleffa-on-a-laptop’ uploaded a video of their encounter to the r/PokemonSwordAndShield subreddit, and exclaimed “I think my soul just died…”

The clip shows the player debating which item to use to catch the monster, before settling on an Ultra Ball which resulted in the ‘mon breaking out and running away. 

I think my soul just died… (My bad for the horrible video quality.) from PokemonSwordAndShield

The community felt the Trainer’s pain, such as one user who wrote, “Mate, Metagross’s catch rate is just as low as a Legendary. Nobody would’ve blamed you for biting the bullet and throwing a Master Ball.” 


Responding, the Sword & Shield player said they had instant regret. “I should of done it. I should have. I had a master ball with me too. Im probably going to regret my decision for the rest of eternity.”

Screenshot of Pokemon players reacting to Sword & Shield Metagross fail.

Many fellow fans agreed a Master Ball should have been used. But in all fairness, it’s also understandable while in the heart of a moment, a player would opt out for a regular Pokeball as Metagross isn’t technically in a Legendary category.

If nothing else, the tragic situation is a good example of how even some non-Legendaries are worthy of using the rare item on. Luckily, several fans offered the user a Shiny version of the Pokemon, softening the blow of the epic mishap.