Pokemon Sword & Shield player goes viral for luckiest Shiny ever

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Sword & Shield player went viral after getting the “luckiest” Shiny ever in Crown Tundra’s Dynamax Adventures. The odds of getting such a rare ‘mon are literally astronomical. 

Shiny Pokemon were first introduced in Gen II’s Gold & Silver in 1999. Ever since its debut, Trainers have been obsessed with catching the rare variants.

A Sword & Shield player went viral online after catching what many are calling the luckiest Shiny of all time from a Dynamax Adventures Raid in The Crown Tundra.

Screenshot of Pokemon Sword & Shield Dynamax Adventures.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
One player got the luckiest Shiny from Dynamax Adventures ever.

Pokemon Sword & Shield player’s lucky Shiny

In October 2019, Sword & Shield got its second expansion, The Crown Tundra. The DLC includes the new Dynamax Adventures mode which allows Trainers to catch all past Gen Legendaries.

A player using the mode went viral when they showed off the “perfect” Pokemon they had caught. “I found a Shiny AND Perfect Oranguru during a Dynamax Adventure! (1 in 96100 odds!),” the fan exclaimed.

Not only was the Gen VII monster a Shiny, it also had perfectly maxed out IVs. While catching the variant in the mode has a 1 out of 100 chance with a Shiny Charm, the combination of having perfect stats is insanely rare.

Putting just how crazy the odds are into perspective, the lucky player explained, “There’s actually 32 possible IVs since 0 is also a possible draw. This brings the chances of this to 1/32 for each random IV, meaning the odds of this magnificent beast is 1/102400, or a 0.00098%! Unreal!”

Screenshot of Pokemon player explaining the insane odds of their Shiny catch.

This isn’t the first time a Sword & Shield Trainer has found themselves insanely lucky in the Gen 8 RPG. In December, a player managed to hatch two Shiny Koffing back to back from eggs – which has odds of 1 out of 512!

While The Crown Tundra’s Dynamax Adventures mode has made Shiny hunting the easiest that it’s ever been, the fan’s luck of also getting perfect IV stats with 0.00098% odds is incredibly impressive, to say the least.