How to get free Shiny Eternatus code for Pokemon Sword & Shield

Shiny Eternatus Pokemon Sword & ShieldThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sword & Shield fans have another chance to get a Shiny Eternatus thanks to a free online giveaway. Unlike the previous events, these can be obtained online in certain parts of the world.

Pokemon Sword & Shield fans are currently making the most of every special giveaway before the games are retired later in November. Legendary and Mythical codes have recently been handed out at game stores in several countries, offering Marshadow, Genesect, and Volcanion, as well as Shiny Eternatus.

While the Pokemon haven’t been confirmed as transferable to the upcoming Gen 9 Scarlet & Violet games, having each special Mythical and Legendary in Sword & Shield is a special treat – and they can still be used in standard play or in Wild Area Max Raid battles for a powerful combat boost.

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Currently, Pokemon Sword & Shield fans in the US, Canada, and Australia can pick Marshadow up at participating stores, and a new update will allow fans in the UK to snag a Shiny Eternatus without the need to leave their homes.

How to get a Sword & Shield Shiny Eternatus code

To enter, fans in participating regions can click on the link to and then submit their email address. The code may take up to a week to be delivered to the email address, and the sign-up recommends players attempting to get the Pokemon Sword & Shield code check spam folders. The online distribution is first-come-first-serve, and players are limited to two codes per person.

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Pokemon Sword & Shield keyartGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Sword & Shield codes add Mythicals and Legendaries

The Shiny Eternatus will be received at Lv 100 and will have the following moves: Dynamax Canon, Sludge Bomb, Eternabeam, and Flamethrower. It will have a Timid Nature and the Ability Pressure.

How to claim your Shiny Eternatus code

To get the Shiny Eternatus code, you can follow the steps below:

  • Open Pokemon Sword & Shield
  • Use the “X” button to open the menu
  • Select “Mystery Gift”
  • Select “Get with Code/Password”
  • Enter the code into the field

Always remember to save the game after receiving a gift, as this doesn’t happen automatically.

While the codes are only available in the UK currently, there is a chance other retail stores around the world may offer the same promotion in the coming weeks. This would be great news for anyone who missed out on the previous Shiny Eternatus distributions earlier this year.

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