What happened to the Pokemon Sword and Shield post-game?

by Paul Cot


On the same day it released, some trainers have already completed the new Pokemon game but this has led to questions about the Pokemon Sword and Shield post-game.

With so much hype about the Galar region and claims from developers that this would be the Pokemon game everyone wanted, fans had high expectations for what would happen once you finish the initial story.

No Kalos

This, combined with rumors that the Kalos region would the Pokemon Sword and Shield post-game meant Game Freak were fighting a battle that they perhaps couldn't win. It was made worse when the Kalos region appeared to be teased by Junichu Masuda, also.

Unless there is one of the biggest Pokemon DLCs in history looming, then a revisit to the scene of Pokemon X and Y will remain a fantasy. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem likely.


Pokedex post-game

Elsewhere, a datamine revealed that the Galar region Pokedex would contain 400 entries. However, the same datamine also revealed the inclusion of an extra 35 Pokemon within the game's code.

These were notable Pokemon too, with the likes of Bulbasaur and Squirtle among them. This made sense given the inevitably negative reaction to excluding to such iconic Pokemon.

In addition to the missing Kanto starters, legends from various generations were also found. This suggested these currently excluded species could be part of the post-game story where there would be opportunities to 'catch 'em all'.

Pokemon Company
Pokemon Company
Will Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres make an appearance in Pokemon Sword and Shield down the line?


Now we know what the post-game does entail though, the extra 35 will remain a mystery for the time being.


The good news is there is a Pokemon Sword and Shield post-game — the bad news, it's quite short and basic.

Without providing a spoiler it is a mini-story based on the Galar region's legends where Hop plays a prominent role.


For those who don't want to see the post-game ahead of playing it, a full walkthrough can be watched below.


It will be interesting to see what trainers think of the post-game as more complete Pokemon Sword and Shield.