Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex leaked - is there more to come?

by Paul Cotton


There has been a plethora of Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks, and now the entire Galar region Pokedex has been supposedly leaked.

As usual with leaks if you don't want to know unannounced details in advanced, then you can explore our other Pokemon news! It's also important to note that none of the below details are confirmed, and they are all within the context of the leak.

In the months since Pokemon Sword and Shield was revealed, speculation has been rife as to how many new species Gen 8 would add.

Number of Pokemon

The leak suggests there will be a total of 79 new Pokemon to be found in the Galar region – as well as Galarian forms and Gigantamax Pokemon.

The Galar region Pokedex itself is 400 Pokemon strong, meaning there are 321 returning species. However, there have been rumors that the Pokedex will expand in the Pokemon Sword and Shield post-game to 632 entries.

As of writing there is no proof of this, though. While the 632 number has apparently been fabricated it does seem there is some truth to Pokemon being included in the game beyond the 400. Mew has already been confirmed by the Pokemon Company, and it is not listed within the 400.

If the Galarian Pokedex is limited to just 400 species, then there will be a quite a few disgruntled trainers. Pokemon Sun and Moon offered a National dex of 809 species – significantly more than Nintendo Switch's first mainline Pokemon game will.

Galarian Pokedex by region

The Pokemon Company has understandably favored the Kanto region when it comes to returning species — after all it is the most known region. Here is a list of the number of returning Pokemon by region:

  • Gen 1 - Kanto: 55
  • Gen 2 - Johto: 33
  • Gen 3 - Hoenn: 42
  • Gen 4 - Sinnoh: 38
  • Gen 5 - Unova: 85
  • Gen 6 - Kalos: 32
  • Gen 7 - Alola: 36

Stay tuned as it looks like there's a lot more information coming on Pokemon Sword and Shield before it releases on November 15.