Pokemon Scarlet & Violet adds new Shiny hunting method to increase odds

pokemon scarlet violet sandwich shiny hunting

The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet hands-on previews have shed some light on the game’s new mechanics, including a delicious new Shiny hunting method.

Less than a month before Pokemon Scarlet & Violet hit the store shelves, media outlets have been given hands-on previews to explore a small portion of the upcoming title.

There has been a general consensus across many of the previews. Many think that the gameplay is fun, innovative, and freeing compared to previous Pokemon titles, but Scalert & Violet’s performance seems to be less than impressive.

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Regardless, these previews gave players a bit more information on some previously revealed mechanics. Surprisingly, the most notable could have been the sandwich-making mini-game which hides a new way for Shiny hunters to increase their odds.

Sandwiches are the key to Scarlet & Violet Shiny hunting

Thanks to some very lucky preview attendants, Pokemon fans have learned a lot about Shinies in Scarlet & Violet. Serebii discovered the game’s first Shiny Pokemon and confirmed that overworld shinies are back once again.

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And IGN made an interesting discovery as well. According to their preview, a new Pokemon Shiny hunting method could be hidden behind the picnic and sandwich-making mechanics.

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In reference to making sandwiches, IGN wrote, “These buffs do a range of things, from increasing a specific type’s effectiveness to increasing spawn rates of specific groups of Pokemon – even Shiny Pokemon!”

This is reminiscent of the Curry-making mechanics in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Players could make Curry in order to raise their team’s sociability, and that would attract wild Pokemon to their camp. However, it seems making subs will have a much greater impact on gameplay in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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Pokemon enthusiasts normally aren’t given this kind of Shiny information until after the game has been released, and it’s a welcome change after a teaser from last month had players thinking they saw a Shiny Greedunt.