Pokemon fan goes viral after making a Sandygast on the beach

Brianna Reeves
pokemon sandygast beach

A Redditor recently went viral for their Sandygast-inspired sandcastle build that brought the ghost/ground-type Pokemon to life on the beach.

Introduced in Pokemon’s seventh generation, Sandygast comes to life through sand, making it the perfect candidate for sandcastle inspiration.

Its tunneled mouth and pebble-made eyes ensure the creature hardly looks like a threat. However, the Sandygast’s unassuming form, along with the shovel lodged in its head, constitutes the perfect lure for children who feel compelled to add to the sandy mass.

And now, there is one such Pokemon creature dwelling on a beach in the real world.

Sandygast Pokemon beach build goes viral

SwampCrafter’s Sandygast sandcastle has received quite a bit of attention since a photo of the creation went live on Reddit.

The real-life Sandygast looks just like its digital counterpart, complete with two beady eyes and a tunnel for its mouth. Of course, the small shovel pierced into the top of its head rounds out the full look.

While the shovel isn’t red in color, passersby would probably still do well to not touch the protruding object.

Hopefully, this sand mound doesn’t evolve into anything more nightmarish like the Palossand.

Since SwampCrafter posted the photo earlier this week, the Reddit post has garnered over 8,000 likes. And most people in the thread seem nothing short of impressed.

The Sandygast Pokemon isn’t the only character from a popular franchise that’s taken over a beach of late.

While visiting Fulong Beach in Taiwan last month, a Reddit user stumbled across an exhibition that featured a hulking God of War creation made from sand.

The build in question depicted Kratos and Atreus with the God of War Ragnarok logo positioned above their heads.