Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire come to life with epic paper re-creations

Brent Koepp

A skilled Pokemon player went viral when they shared their incredible diorama re-creations of Ruby & Sapphire. The Gen III titles were brought to life with just paper.

Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire made its debut on the Game Boy Advance in 2002. The beloved titles introduced players to the  Hoenn region, and featured the Double Battles mechanic for the very first time.

A dedicated fan paid tribute to the release by re-creating scenes from them using paper cut-outs. The community was in awe of his brilliant creation, which brought the games to life in a really creative way.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire made their debut in 2002 on the GBA.

Pokemon fan brings Ruby & Sapphire to life

Redditor ‘Antogzlz’ uploaded their creation on May 18, and wowed the community with their craft skills. The creative fan used paper cut-outs to make an incredible diorama-like cube based on Ruby and Sapphire.

“I made these two retro Pokemon cubes using paper and glue,” the submission title read. The user included two pictures of their work which show two scenes from the Game Boy Advance titles.

Players will no doubt recognize the scenes, as they’re the sequences when you encounter each games Legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre. The paper style gives off that retro pixel-style feel too.

This isn’t the first the time creator has beautifully re-created a Pokemon title with a clever diorama. In April, they shared their artwork based on the 1999 Gen II titles Gold & Silver, perfectly re-creating the opening section of the games.

Those curious about how they pulled it off are in luck as the fan generously created a tutorial on their YouTube channel. The video shows players how to re-create scenes from their favorite title and bring it to life in a 3D paper style.

While the fan’s creation certainly makes us nostalgic for the past, it’s interesting to think how far the beloved Nintendo title has come – even making it all the way to its eighth generation.

Despite debuting nearly 24 years ago, the RPG has never been more popular. The latest release Sword & Shield is already on track to be the third highest selling title in the franchise.

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