Pokemon players criticize “hats” used in new Terastallizing ability

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tera Type Ability HatsThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon fans are skeptical of the new Tera Type ability, with many criticizing the large, crystal “hats” the Pokemon obtain when they transform.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will add a new gimmick to Gen 9 gameplay with the introduction of Tera Types. Like Mega Evolution, Dynamax, and Gigantamax, Terastallizing will transform the Pokemon’s appearance while boosting their moves in battle. Certain Pokemon with special Tera Types will even be able to change their standard Typing temporarily.

While the addition of the new mechanic is interesting, it does come with a strange attribute. Instead of offering epic design overhauls, Terastallized Pokemon get a gemstone-like exterior coating and a great, big crown crystalized crown on their head that matches their Tera Type.

While some players might find the shiny, multi-faceted appearances unique and interesting, many others have come together on social media to share their dislike or confusion behind the appearance of the mechanic.

Scarlet & Violet fans are worried about Pokemon Noggins

In a recent Twitter post shared by the official Pokemon account, players got a look at new artwork for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The image features a Terastallized Eevee, with a large, Normal-Type Tera crown on it’s glittery head.

In the comments, PhantomFeline13 responds, “Its an interesting gimmick but did you have to make it so ugly and gaudy? That poor Eevee is gonna break its neck being so top heavy also please listen to the fans and pick one gimmick and expand on it instead of making a cheap last minute gimmick every game”.

Meanwhile, justlimi adds, “To be honest, the type-changing mechanic is REALLY cool, but goddamn my Pokemon are gonna look like mega goofs with those giant things on their heads. Kinda wish they’d have implemented that design a bit better, or just made the Pokemon’s body a crystalline texture ;-;”.

A particularly heart wrenching comment from TwilightVestige points out “How does the crown stay on the Eevee? I imagine sending it out, activating Terastallizing, and then the poor thing just falling on its face because the crown is so heavy.”

The criticism from fans clearly indicates players are worried about the actual physics of the gimmick. While it is possible the gemstone-encased Pokemon aren’t bothered by the weight of a giant, crystal crown, it still seems players aren’t convinced it’s humane.

It’s possible more information on how exactly the ability works will be revealed in the coming months.