Pokemon Masters players are losing it as Piers arrives from Sword & Shield

The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Masters EX players are in for a treat, as the iconic rock star Piers from Sword & Shield is coming to the game, and he’s bringing Obstagoon with him.

Avid fans of the latest mainline entries into the Pokemon series, Sword & Shield, will no doubt be familiar with Piers already. As well as being the Dark-type gym leader of Spikemuth, he’s also the captain of the villainous Team Yell.

Along with his younger sister, gym leader Marnie, Piers has become notorious in the Galar region. Players love his gothic style and how he bursts into song during battles, and there’s tons of fan art based on the character.

So, as expected, the reaction to his announcement for the spin-off game Pokemon Masters EX has been a strong one.

Screenshot of Pokemon Sword & Shield Gym Leader Piers.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Masters EX players will be able to recruit Piers.

Piers makes his debut in Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters EX is a free-to-play mobile game set on the island of Pasio. Players can battle and recruit various trainers from the franchise, such as Brock and Misty, with each trainer having one trusted Pokemon partner to fight alongside in 3-on-3 battles.

It’s just been announced that five-star Piers and Obstagoon will debut in the synch pair scout, and they can be raised to six-star EX. Together, they’ll have a Dark-type sync move called No Encores Throat Chop, which sounds devastating.

Piers will arrive in the game with Obstagoon on February 17, 2021, at 10 PM PT, and you can see the pair’s sync move in action in the teaser shared by the official Pokemon Masters EX Twitter below.

Pokemon trainers react

The news has gone down very well with fans of the Galar region’s songwriting gym leader, with many Pokemon players admitting that they’ll be downloading the game just to get a glimpse of their beloved Piers in action.

“I picked the game back up just because punk husbando is being put in,” wrote one gamer, while another added, “I’ve never understood Pokemon Masters but for him, I’m willing to try again.”

A third joked: “Piers was playing the long game by refusing to Dynamax so he could get into Masters sooner.”

While some Pokemon Masters players tweeted that they would’ve preferred to see another trainer, like X & Y’s Lysandre or Ruby and Sapphire’s Sidney, the overall response seems to be positive for our boy Piers.

Will you be adding him to your team when he makes his debut? We certainly will.