Adaman & Irida to debut in next Pokemon Masters EX event with Eeveelutions

Kurt Perry
pokemon trainers irida and adaman as seen in masters ex event trailer

The next Pokemon Masters EX event has been announced with Legends: Arceus favorites Adaman and Irida confirmed to be on the way. Here, we’re going to run through its start date and when you can get Leafeon/Glaceon during the event.

Released in August 2019, Pokemon Masters EX is the franchise’s gacha game that allows players to roll for popular characters partnered with their signature Pokemon.

Masters EX has added characters from all across the series but there was one notable exclusion, Legends: Arceus.

But now the hit spin-off set in ancient Sinnoh is finally getting representation with two of its most popular characters coming to Masters EX.

When is Pokemon Masters EX next event? Start date

The next Pokemon Masters EX event starts on May 30 and – as confirmed in a new trailer – it will feature two Hisuian travelers, Adaman and Irida.

It will run until July 9 (10:59 pm PDT).

What to expect

The two trainers are synced with their signature Eeveelutions with Adman fighting alongside Leafeon and Irida teaming up with Glaceon.

The event’s story will see the two investigate a strange phenomenon that has been affecting the Pasio region. On their travels, they’ll encounter familiar faces but these aren’t the friends they met in Hisui but rather their descendants.

Adaman & Irida trailer

When is Adaman & Leafeon coming to Pokemon Masters EX?

Players will be able to roll for Adaman and Leafeon’s sync pair from May 30 to July 9.

When is Irida & Glaceon coming to Pokemon Masters EX?

Irida and Glaceon will be available shortly after from June 1 to July 9.

How to get free gems in Pokemon Masters EX event

If the Pokemon Masters EX Twitter social rally gets 20,000 retweets all players will be rewarded with 3,000 free gems. The overall count will take into consideration retweets from both the international and Japanese Masters EX Twitter account.

First debuting in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Adaman is the leader of the Diamond Clan whilst Irida is the leader of the opposing Pearl Clan.

The two leaders strongly disagree over their visions of what the rumored “Almighty Sinnoh,” looks like. Adaman believes in a supreme god of time whilst Irida favors the idea of a powerful god of space. Their ideal gods are later revealed to be Dialga and Palkia respectively.

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