Gen 8 Dragon trainer Raihan is dropping into the Pokemon Masters EX Trainer Lodge

Pokemon-masters-ex-Raihan-Duraludon-trainers-lodge-updateDisney, Nintendo

A new update for Pokemon Masters EX reveals new content coming to the game, including the debut of Generation 8 Dragon-type Gym Leader Raihan and his companion Pokemon, Duraludon.

Pokemon Masters EX is a unique mobile game that gives fans of the franchise a chance to team up with their favorite NPCs for intense battles. While the game has struggled with controversy due to the Gatcha-style mechanics and heavy reliance on microtransactions, many have given it a spin to see their favorite Pokemon characters in new storylines.

To further these NPC stories, Pokemon Masters EX debuted the Trainer Lodge in August of 2022. The new mechanic offers players a chance to get to know certain characters on a more personal level by increasing friendship levels with available Sync Pairs.

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Currently, only a handful of the Sync Pairs already seen in standard Pokemon Masters EX gameplay have debuted at the Trainers Lodge, but Generation 8 fans are in for a treat following a new update announcement from the game’s developers.

Pokemon Master’s EX announced Raihan and Sygna Suit Wally

In a new update from Pokemon Masters EX, it has been confirmed that the Galar Dragon-type Gym Leader Raihan will make his debut at the Trainer Lodge alongside his companion Pokemon Duraludon.

Additionally, it has been announced that “Drop-In Events” will now have a rare chance of occurring during Trainer Lodge Expeditions. According to the post, these events are an instance when a Trainer not in the character’s expedition party can pop in for a visit.

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The update also announced that Sygna Suit Wally will appear in the Sygna Pair Scout roster, giving players a chance to recruit him and Shiny Gardevoir. The announcement comes alongside the in-game Story Event “Melancholy Wally”.

While many fans are frustrated with the Sync Pair scouting methods currently used in Pokemon Masters EX, those trying to add new NPCs to their teams will likely want to come and check out the new additions – even if just to manage a fun selfie with Raihan.