Pokemon Legends Arceus drops huge lore bombshell & fans are baffled

Brent Koepp
Pokemon Legends Arceus protagonist staring at Heavy Ball screenshot.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Legends Arceus revealed major lore about how Pokemon fit into their Poke Ball. The “shrinking” revelation has left some fans mindblown after believing differently for over two decades. 

Pokemon Legends Arceus takes Trainers back in time to ancient Sinnoh. Although it’s a Diamond & Pearl origin story, Game Freak has used the open-world title to address lore that impacts the series as a whole.

The RPG went viral online after a plot point revealed a huge lore detail that has some players questioning everything they know about Pokemon. The revelation about how ‘mon fit into their Poke Ball has sent the community into a frenzy.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Professor Laventon screenshot
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The new professor drops some massive lore.

Pokemon Legends Arceus “shrinkgate” leaves fans divided

While the series has addressed the lore topic in the past, Legends Arceus has stunned the community after revealing that Pokemon have special “powers” that let them shrink in size to fit inside their Poke Ball.

In a conversation with Professor Laventon at the start of the game, the character states, “Pokemon possess the odd power to shrink themselves down. With the Poke Balls we craft, we can make use of that power to catch them.”

The cutscene came as a shock to some as players believed for decades that it was the Poke Ball that shrunk the ‘mon to fit inside. The game’s revelation seemed to surprise the gaming community as it immediately went viral on Twitter and Reddit.

Some fans took to social media to voice their opinions on the Legends cutscene, such as one fan who wrote, “Pokemon shrinking being canon is one of the weirdest things to me.”

Another tweeted, “Apparently Pokeballs don’t have shrinking technology, every Pokemon just has the innate ability to shrink.”

Others were just baffled by the revelation. “Really not sure what to do with his information. Pokemon can just…shrink? Shrinking is just a thing they do normally for any reason?” someone asked. “So it is now that Pokemon themselves are responsible for the shrinking required to get into Pokeballs? Did I hear that right?” questioned another.

Pokemon Legends Areus shrinking Pokemon tweets

While the idea of Pokemon shrinking was shocking for some, other players pointed out that the move Minimize has existed for years which causes the user to shrink. Although it should be pointed out that not every ‘mon can use it.

Based on the reaction from the community, it appears that a lot of fans were not aware of the fact. As Trainers continue to progress through Legends Arceus, it will be interesting to see what other lore tidbits might come as a surprise.