Pokemon Go trainers slams “horrendous” Keldeo Special Research rewards

Pokemon Go Keldeo Mythic BladeNiantic

Pokemon Go players have come out against the Mythic Blade paid Special Research ticket, saying the tasks and rewards “ain’t it” for the steep eight-dollar price tag.

Pokemon Go players are currently participating in the season 9 Mythical Wishes events in time for the holiday season. While this can be the perfect time of year to join in on exciting Community Days or amass items for the upcoming Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn after the start of 2023, many trainers are struggling with the popular mobile app.

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Pokemon Go has steadily been incentivizing players to purchase Tickets that lock the premium content behind paywalls. This has been seen with the Pokemon Go Fest 2022 event and most Community Days.

For many, the price of the paid content doesn’t match the tasks and rewards unlocked. This has been especially frustrating for the Mythic Blade event, which locks the event’s Mythical debut behind an eight-dollar paywall.

Pokemon Go players aren’t impressed with Special Research tasks

In a Twitter post by MrAvalanchePoGo, the player vent frustration with the Mythic Blade event saying, “Can I just say…. For £7 this is absolutely horrendous. Niantic let’s please not do this again, please. This ain’t it.”

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The post then breaks down many of the tasks Pokemon Go players must complete collecting the spoils of their paid Special Research ticket. This includes menial tasks like catching ten Pokemon, Battling in Raids, or participating in the Go Battle League. Most tasks are repeats from previous Special Research tickets and create a dull and lifeless grind for the premium items and the Mythical encounter.

Players in the comments agree with the Pokemon Go trainer, adding, “Let’s hope people don’t buy it. But FOMO will mean loads will to “show off,” while another stated, “Such a short time frame to complete the tasks in too. This is ridiculous for a paid ticket.”

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Many other players have vocalized they won’t be purchasing the Special Research Ticket, with one commenting, “it’s $13 here, ain’t no way I was gonna buy it,” and another adding, “Can’t do it”.

Unfortunately, many players will likely skip out on catching Keldeo, opting to wait for more promising events later in December.