Pokemon Go trainer finds Pikachu PokeStop in Hawaii and fans are in love

Brianna Reeves
Pokemon Go pokestop Hawaii

A Pokemon Go player found a neat Flying Pikachu PokeStop while in Hawaii and fans of the game seem to love it.

Typically located at historical landmarks and other noteworthy points of interest, PokeStops act as real-world destinations for Pokemon Go players.

Upon finding one in the wild, users can expect to unlock access to items such as Pokemon Eggs, potions, and the like. And any of the locations themselves are more than worthy of a visit.

Players can find PokeStops in places such as the Pentagon, Central Park in New York, Tokyo Tower, and Pier 39 in San Francisco. Recently, someone stumbled across an especially interesting stop whil in Hawaii.

Flying Pikachu PokeStop in Hawaii intrigues Pokemon Go fans

A Reddit user named Raven_Pug has shared a screenshot of a Hawaii PokeStop, one featuring flying Pikachu imagery.

The PokeStop location took the player to a handpainted utility box, which has art depicting a high-flying Pikachu, complete with balloons tied around his midsection, soaring over sandy beaches and palm trees.

Raven_Pug’s screenshot of the PokeStop features in the post below:

“Nice. Would like to have it as a gift someday,” someone wrote in the replies. Another Redditor responded with the following, “Omg, I want one of these!!”

At the time of writing, the original poster hasn’t responded to questions about where in Hawaii they found this particular Pokemon Go PokeStop.

However, a YouTuber shared footage of what appears to be the exact same stop late last year. Based on the video description, the PokeStop in question is presumably located near the Ala Moana area in Honolulu.

By the looks of it, this is one location Pokemon Go fans may want to check out if they ever visit Hawaii.

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