Pokemon Go trainer makes everyone jealous after revealing their super rare Shundo

Dylan Horetski
Pokemon Go Shundo Jealous

A Pokemon Go trainer has left everyone else jealous after revealing their first-ever Shundo ‘mon on Reddit.

Over the last few years, an increasing number of Pokemon Go players have begun chasing after the “perfect” catch in the game.

The idea of a perfect catch changes for each player, however, with some going after Shinies and others going after Pokemon with perfect appraisal stats — aka Hundos.

Some of the rarest catches in the game feature both Shiny and “Hundo” Pokemon to create what is known as a “Shundo.” A Pokemon Go player on Reddit has found their first ever Shundo, and they’ve left everyone else jealous.

Super Rare Shundo leaves Pokemon Go Redditors jealous

Posted on July 19, 2023, in the Pokemon Go subreddit, an excited trainer shared their first-ever Shundo catch that’s quite rare to find.

“MY FIRST EVER SHUNDO!!,” they said. “I have 57 Hundos and have been playing since 2016, I am so excited, this is such a cool Shundo!!!”

In the screenshot alongside the post, you can see the user’s perfectly appraised & shiny “Shundo” Steelix.

Users quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts on the user’s catch, with many expressing how jealous they are.

One user replied: “That’s awesome, you can Mega this one as well!”

“I’ve been hunting that shiny forever the fact you got a Shundo makes me extra jelly,” another fan said.

A third commented: “That is a very nice one, I have two which are kinda useless but I’m very happy with.”

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