Pokemon Go trainer creates terrifying Galarian Moltres they saw in a nightmare

Jessica Filby
Moltres shiny mixed with PsyduckNiantic / CasualHooligan7

One Pokemon Go trainer has revealed how he thought up a terrifying new version of the Legendary Pokemon Moltres in what can only be described as a nightmare.

It’s well known that players can love a game so much that it consumes their thoughts throughout the day. But one Pokemon Go player’s thoughts took that love a little further when he dreamt up a brand new Galarian version of Moltres. And one look at it made many think that it might have been more of a nightmare than a simple dream.

The trainer took to Reddit to share his interesting new design for Moltres. It featured the classic red color to the fire on the wings that we see in Galarian Moltres but the actual horror was in the general design. Their dream had eliminated Moltres’ average head and replaced it with a rather disturbing Psyduck, still sporting the same red and black colors.

The design itself is the stuff of nightmares and barely resembles the fiery Legendary bird anymore and the comments certainly projected such confusion and hilarity.

One commenter remarked on how real it looks and how the design “reminds me of Mothman”. Whereas others were both disturbed but slightly impressed and the weird concoction the trainer had created, stating, “that’s horrible. I want it” and “he’s so ugly! I love him”.

Due to the combination of both Psyduck and Moltres, many took to naming the new Pokemon. Some decided on “Psytres” while others opted for “the rare Molduck”. While the questionable creation doesn’t have a name, it is certainly the product of a very interesting, Pokemon Go-style nightmare.

While thankfully, this Pokemon will never end up existing, it’s truly amazing how a passion for Pokemon Go can create such unique and terrifying designs like the new and cursed Galarian Moltres.