Pokemon Go swiftly removes new Boost Box after receiving immense praise

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Pokemon Go players thanked Niantic for its generous Boost Boxes, but the gratitude didn’t last for long as the company quickly removed them from the Shop.

In January 2023, Niantic unveiled premium boxes that originally offered discounts for Incubators, Lucky Eggs, and Remote Battle Raid Passes. However, the company didn’t release the deal for everyone, and the Boost Boxes rose in price for different items than initially promised.

As a result, players assumed Niantic presented the item for AB testing purposes. Now, a new box entered the shop that players praised as a “hell of a deal.” But the praise wouldn’t last long.

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For 399 PokeCoins, players would have received five Premium Battle Passes, five Super Incubators, an Item Bag, and Pokemon Storage. Another Boost Box version contained one Super Incubator, two Egg Incubators, and one Lucky Egg for the same price.

Niantic Removed Boost Box Before Most Players Could Enjoy It

Pokemon Go Players Call Out Niantic Over Bad Premium Bundle BoxesNiantic

On the Reddit forum r/pokemongo, user JoeWantsFood expressed his excitement over a long-awaited quality Boost Box. Players later voiced their frustration when the item disappeared after obtaining the PokeCoins to purchase it.

“Lol, classic Niantic,” Reddit user max-peck wrote. “Probably listed them as a mistake because that first one was a hell of a deal.” xMistopher added that Niantic likely introduced the Boost Boxes as a way to “butter players up” before the price increase of remote raids.

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Available boxes in Pokemon Go change with each passing month. As of March 2023, the mobile app’s Shop included Boost Boxes, Daily Free Box, Great Raid Box, New Trainer Box, Starter Box, Trainee Box, and Voyager Box for varying price points. Players can still purchase individual items like Poke Balls, Incense, and different Lure Modules.

In addition to everyday essentials, Niantic revealed The Willow’s Wardrobe Timed Research for $4.99. The season-long event has allowed players to access Professor Willow-themed avatar items, including his boots, goggles, and jacket. Willow’s Wardrobe also granted players the opportunity to catch the Steel-type Mythical Pokemon Melmetal. The event runs until June 30, 2023, at 10 AM local time.

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