Pokemon Go Players throw shade at the most “useless” Shiny catch

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go Players Roast Useless Shiny Male Combee encounter

While most Shiny encounters in Pokemon Go are worth celebrating, there are a handful of Shiny “fails” that can really get players down. Unfortunately, this is the case for a certain bee Pokemon.

Pokemon Go has steadily become a Shiny hunter’s paradise. The rare, alternately colored Pokemon are much easier to find on the mobile app in comparison to the main series games for handheld consoles, and they can be transported into newer games using Pokemon Home.

While bumping into a Shiny when hitting up Gyms or participating in a major event is an exciting moment, there are a few Pokemon species that can cause a good deal of frustration for players.

This is especially true for options like Combee, whose male-to-female ratio is weighted heavily to one side, making the evolution-capable, female bee Pokemon far harder to come by.

Shiny Male Combee celebration shot down by Pokemon Go players

In a recent Twitter post shared by kingbodya, the excited player shows a clip of their encounter with a Shiny, male Combee. The post reads, “Been waiting for this moment all summer”. While the player seems genuinely excited about the find, others in the comments were less impressed.

One Pokemon Go player replies “Is not the female, so not too exciting, but congrats” while another comment reads “A useless Shiny MALE Combee?”. While the original poster attempts to defend the Shiny find as valuable, another response adds “Emotional damage since its male”.

The biggest reason for the frustration shared in the comments comes from Combee’s evolution abilities. Similar to Gen 7’s Salandit, only female Combee are capable of evolution – and Combee itself isn’t very powerful, making it less helpful in battles.

While a Shiny encounter will always have different worth to those who find them, the frustration and dislike for Shiny, Male Combee is sadly justified – especially for those hoping to add a Shiny Vespiqueen to their competitive Pokemon Go team.

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