Pokemon Go players want big change to Remote Raid passes, again

Dylan Horetski
pokemon go
Pixabay: Stux

Pokemon Go players are yet again requesting that Niantic make a change to remote raid passes amid reports of not being able to buy boxes with the item inside. 

In early 2020, Niantic introduced remote raid passes into Pokemon Go. These special passes allowed trainers to battle in Gym raids with other friends from anywhere around the world.

These special passes were separate from the existing premium raid passes, which are handed out for free to players when they opened a gym for the first time in a day.

One limitation to these passes is that you can only hold three at a time in your bag, but players are calling for more.

Pokemon Go trainers call for Remote Raid pass changes

Posted in the Pokemon Go subreddit on December 13 is a picture of the “event box,” which offers 10 Razz Berry, 10 Great Balls, and 1 Remote raid pass with the caption, “Why, Just why tho?” Because the user, u/Depresso-Catto, already has three remote raid passes in his bag, the game gives him a message.

It reads: “You have reached the max number of Remote Raid Passes (3). Please try again when you have fewer Remote Raid Passes.”

With over 2,000 upvotes, many people agree with the complaint and are calling for a change to the raid system.

One comment reads: “I just wish they’d make all raid passes equal. Let’s just have one type and if I choose to use it on a remote raid, so be it.”

Another user explained how you can bypass the limit by purchasing Remote Raid Passes, but doesn’t like that you can’t claim free ones to do the same thing.

They said: “They need to change the limit to 5 or 6. You can buy the 3 pack with 2 passes for 5 total, but you can’t claim one or buy one with 3 in a bag.”

While many people think the Remote Raid Pass cap should be fixed, it’s unknown if Niantic will change how they work. However, they have made changes to raid passes before.

We’ll have to wait to see if the developers decided to do something regarding the complaints.