Pokemon Go players demand fix as spawn issues continue to plague game

Chris Studley
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Pokemon Go players have found another bug in the mobile game, just one week after a major controversy engulfed the franchise.

Niantic sent shockwaves across the Pokemon Go community a week ago, after the development team decided to roll back a spawn radius increase that was well-received by the game’s player base.

The development team’s reasoning was that the spawn radius increase was not intentional, and it occurred due to a “unintended consequence” of a bug fix. However, it doesn’t look like all these bugs have been ironed out.

Now, a new bug that’s affected the game’s map has frustrated players even more.

Pokemon Go map

Pokemon Go spawn bugs frustrate players

On social media, players began to notice last week that Pokemon they hadn’t caught would not “despawn” off the map, which creates not just a messy map, but also makes it difficult to fast-catch creatures.

The bug was reported shortly after a patch designed to remove the increased radius, and players have become frustrated that a fix has not been implemented almost a week later.

Go players on Reddit expressed bewilderment over the issue. One player stated, “The spawns not going away is driving me crazy. I don’t understand why they didn’t just roll back the spawns to the way they were rather than fix the radius only.”

Another simply said that these issues make the game far less appealing to play. “I often just leave game open at home so when I pick it up now its just a mess, [three] overlapping spawns in one location, [I] think there was even [four] once, then have to click away all the despawned ones. [It’s] making me play less, just look at the mess on screen and think, nah.”

For context, the Pokemon Go development team stated that the original intention for the spawn radius fix was because the move was not intentional and it conflicted with several other of the game’s features, including Go+ integration. But, it appears that the spawn radius rollback is not Go’s only trouble.