Pokemon Go players slam “waste of money’ Enamorus raids

Josh Taylor
Enamorus in Pokemon Go

Players of Pokemon Go have bashed Niantic after trainers failed to love their Enamorus Raids in their Valentine’s Day event.

Niantic unleashed their Valentine’s update into Pokemon Go, which brought a selection of Elite Raids available to players at select times on February 14, 2024.

However, these were soon heavily criticized by the playerbase over their allocated times being the “Stupidist idea ever,” as many players stated they would be unable to participate.

Now, one player has called for the creator of Enamorus Raids to be fired and slammed Niantic over various issues with completing their exclusive Valentine’s Day Raids.

Pokemon Go player wants creator of Enamorus Raids to be fired

Pokemon Go player Prestigious_Time_138 posted their complaint in a Reddit post: “Whoever made the Enamorus Raids needs to be fired.”

In the detailed post, the player said it was “f*cking unbelievable” after they eventually completed the raid and caught Enamorus following a troublesome and lengthy experience.

“I had to get 2 of my friends, my wife, my mom, my sister, and my mom’s friend to all go on a 40-minute drive through town to find ONE Raid DURING WORK HOURS and completed it with less than 50 seconds left on the clock.”

They further claimed: “Half of us didn’t catch the Enamorus. It is beyond absurd. I have no words.” This led to various other trainers chiming in, as one said: “I too am exceptionally not enamored by this Raid event.”

The main criticism was summed up by one trainer: “Another event from Niantic intended for people in big cities to complete easily while others need to drive up to an hour? No way.”

While another player on Twitter/X responded to the thread stating that they were glad they weren’t the only ones “pissed about this Enamorus Event on Pokemon Go” and called it a “waste of money” after claiming that Raid boss never appeared at the stated times.

Niantic certainly riled up the community over the Valentine’s Day period after players did not find the intended love from their Enamorus Raids. It remains to be unknown whether the developers will address the situation and cater to more rural players and trainers with busy schedules for future events.

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