Pokemon Go players praise Adventure Week as best event in ages

Zackerie Fairfax

Hot off the heels of Go Fest 2022, Pokemon Go Adventure Week has players praising the game for the first time in several months claiming the fossil-fueled event to be the best in ages.

Adventure Week kicked off in Pokemon Go on June 7 and lasted until June 12. This event featured fossil Pokemon across a number of generations and debuted both Gen 6 fossils: Amaura and Tyrunt.

Wild spawns also included a number of fan-favorite hard-to-find Pokemon which could also appear shiny. Players were very happy to have six days of exciting spawns as opposed to the pool of normal run-of-the-mill types.

Pokemon Go Fest 2022, which has been deemed the worst global event to date, left players wanting more from the game. And it seems as if Adventure Week delivered.

Adventure Week hailed as Pokemon Go event standard

As Adventure Week ended, the praise poured in as players expressed how great the free event turned out. Reddit user Affectionate_Ad6083 shared their enjoyment of the event with r/TheSilphRoad.

“Adventure week was the best event in ages,” they stated. “It’s exactly the sort of thing Niantic should be doing for every event. Let’s hope good events like these aren’t locked behind ‘ultra unlocks’ ever again.”

Other users followed suit sharing their experiences in the replies. One user comments, “Adventure week always seems to deliver because it goes so well with the spirit of the game. I actually biked more not only to hatch eggs but to go places I hadn’t been before”

With Niantic constantly expressing their want for players to get out and play with friends, they succeeded with Adventure Week according to these comments. A large number of players expressed their excitement for an event based on walking and stated it made them change their daily routine’s so they could earn more rewards.

There were a few complaints sprinkled in with the praise. Mainly from players who wished the event lasted an entire week because of how much they enjoyed it. And rural players also once again claimed the event wasn’t optimized to suit their location.

Regardless, it’s nice to see such a large portion of the community happy with a Pokemon Go event after months of almost constant disappointment. Adventure Week was free, exciting, and got trainers to play the game the way Niantic always talks about.