Pokemon Go trainers dub Go Fest 2022 Niantic’s worst event yet: “Absolutely awful”

Alec Mullins
Pokmeon Go Fest 22

Pokemon Go Fest 2022 has ruffled players’ feathers in a major way and many of them are sharing their frustrations over Raid selections, shiny rates, and much more. 

The sixth annual Pokemon Go Fest kicked off on June 4, 2022, and brought a whole list of new shinies for players to catch as part of the yearly paid celebration.

While things like increased shiny rates and exclusive raids might sound like enough to win the masses over at first, in practice it seems like the community has reached their boiling point over Niantic’s “underwhelming gameplay.”

Pokemon Go players upset over Day 2 of Go Fest 2022

Tropius and Torkoal in Pokemon Go Fest 2022
Torkoal and Tropius are two of the Pokemon that are highlighted this year.

The initial post that set players off was a complaint from  Reddit user ‘GaoPaw‘ over on the Silph Road subreddit.

In their post Gaopaw primarily highlighted the kinds of Raids available, outlining that ‘Mon like Kyogre and Groudon were really just a waste of effort.

“Unless you are already traveling with a big group these are impossible to coordinate with random people under such short timers, at least not without a lot of precious Go Fest catching time,” they said.

This proved to be a popular sentiment as other trainers gathered to share their frustrations.

One player claimed that they weren’t rewarded at all for over almost an hour of effort: “Went to our main raid area where everyone meets. No raids until almost 40 mins into the event.”

That commenter also agreed that the event felt like a waste of money: “There are more Axew, but this isn’t a raid day, just a normal day with free raid passes.”

While there’s still hope for the special finale in August, it’s clear that players have had their fill of special PoGo events for the time being.