Pokemon Go player’s perfect Eeveelution team has fans jealous

Pokemon Go EeveelutionsNiantic

A Pokemon Go player has put together an insane team of Eeveelutions that all sport perfect stats. While it’s not the traditional competitive line-up, fans in the comments are impressed with the team.

Pokemon Go fans often have plenty of catches that rank poorly when appraised by a team professor. Unfortunately, the chances of getting a companion under Two Stars are frustratingly high. However, this makes perfect encounters particularly special and exciting.

While some Pokemon Go fans may choose to focus on increasing their level in the mobile app, or catching Shinies during Community Days and Spotlight Hours, some prefer to grind for a four-star. However, to get any perfect stat species, fans will have to spend a good deal of time finishing Special Research and other reward-based tasks, as well as possessing a good deal of luck.

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One Pokemon Go player has achieved just such a feat, managing to collect perfect stats for each of the eight Eevee evolutions. Fans are equally jealous and amazed, wanting to know how they have managed such an achievement.

Pokemon Go Player gets a perfect Eeveelution family

In a Twitter post shared by TheSorites, the player shares a collection of images featuring each Eevee evolution, as well as one Eevee. The post reads, “DONE. Hundos of all possible costume Eevee variations!”

Additionally, the Pokemon Go trainer has additional perfect Eeveelutions in their storage box. Fans in the comments are both impressed and jealous, with one stating, “I started typing ‘unbelievable,’ but then I remembered it was you and I quickly started backspacing,” and another adding “YESSSSS!!!!! You did it! You did it! You won the game!! Congrats on getting the Hundo costume Eevee family completed!! “That’s incredible!! Congrats on this and all the amazing Hundo’s you’ve been able to get this year! Absolutely inspirational! You’re a saint and legend, friend!”

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The collection is one that took TheSorites a good deal of time, with some caught in raids and others hatched from eggs.

Additionally, obtaining Umbreon, Espeon, and Sylveon can all take dedication, as they have to be buddies in order to evolve. They are a fantastic collection for any dedicated Pokemon Go player.