Pokemon Go players list accounts on eBay following Remote Raid changes

pokemon go account handover

eBay has seen a drastic increase in the number of Pokemon Go accounts listed for sale since Niantic announced the upcoming Remote Raid changes.

On March 30, 2023, Niantic announced upcoming changes to Remote Raiding. Starting April 6, players would be limited to five Remote Raids a day, and passes would increase in price from 100 Pokecoins a pop to 195.

This didn’t sit well with players, as many took to Twitter and Reddit to announce a second major boycott. Others vowed to delete the app for good… or at least until Niantic reverts the changes. And at the time of writing, nearly 45k players have signed a petition to “Save Remote Raiding” on change.org.

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However, a few players have devised a way to profit from leaving the game, causing a notable uptick in the number of Pokemon Go accounts listed on eBay.

Pokemon Go players flock to eBay to sell accounts

Despite Pokemon Go ToS forbidding the buying and selling of player accounts, that hasn’t stopped disgruntled players from attempting to get their money’s worth before jumping ship. As pointed out by Reddit user nbang, there has been an influx of accounts listed for sale on eBay over the past four days.

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When entering “Pokemon Go Account” in eBay’s search engine, buyers will be greeted with a handful of high-level accounts listed since March 30. At the time of writing, there are eight accounts up for sale or auction.

Eight may not seem like a lot, but only five accounts were listed under the same search term from January to the day of the announcement. And many of the new accounts listed are from sellers who have sold different products in the past or have no experience selling on eBay.

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pokemon go ebay accountsA screenshot of Pokemon Go accounts listed on eBay

While some trainers on Reddit have poked fun at players selling their accounts, some sellers are succeeding. A level 38 account boasting over 300 Shiny Pokemon has a current bid of $41 USD. Another listing claimed the sale would benefit charity.

And according to the “Completed Listings” search, two accounts have sold for $35 and $22 since April.

So, while players likely won’t receive hundreds of dollars for their Pokemon Go accounts, there is proof that trainers can profit off of leaving the game. However, buyers beware, as it is against Pokemon Go’s ToS to buy and sell accounts.

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