Pokemon Go players dealt fresh blow over Kecleon debut

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Pokemon Go’s Kecleon debut has never materialized and despite fan hype around its possible inclusion in the future, Niantic has dealt a fresh blow to its chances.

The normal-type Pokemon is the only Pokedex entry from the Hoenn region not to make it into the popular game, available on both iOS and Android devices.

Trainers the world over have been calling for the developers to build an event around the reptilian creature. In the past, blog posts have alluded to players being able to “complete the Hoenn Pokedex” but still the wait goes on.

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Despite developers previously saying its debut could become a special release in-game, many are once again doubting it will ever happen.

Pokemon Go Kecleon debut in doubt

In November, Niantic announced a new Pokemon Go Tour event coming to Las Vegas, in February 2023.

The blog post says that the “Pokemon of Hoenn” are coming to Sunset Park, stating it is a “chance to catch most Pokemon from the Hoenn region of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire – or experience the adventure globally the following weekend!”

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Pokemon Go players respond to Hoenn Tour event

Many have taken issue with the statement, conceding the chances of it including Kecleon look slimmer than ever, based on the usage of “most Pokemon” in the announcement.

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Serebii’s Joe Merrick tweeted: “They’re not going to give us Kecleon are they?”

In the replies, one fan asked: “Did the Johto and Kanto say ‘All Pokemon from the region’?”

Another snapped back: “Yes, they made a specific point of being able to encounter and capture every Pokémon from the region.”

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A screenshot from a previous event showed, indeed, they referred to “All Pokemon” for Johto.

It’s not looking good for Kecleon.

A third trainer added: “My assumption was that the word ‘most’ was used because of the version differences meaning you won’t be able to catch exclusives, as per previous Tours, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see Kecleon, honestly.”

Whether or not Kecleon will appear in this Las Vegas event, or thereafter, remains to be seen… But the general consensus is that it’s not looking good just now.

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