Pokemon Go players demand Niantic release Kecleon to solve problem

Zackerie Fairfax
Pokemon Go Kecleon

Pokemon Go players often demand Nitantic add Kecleon to the mobile game, but now players are making a solid argument for why the chameleon Pokemon is a necessity.

Kecleon, a Pokemon capable of turning itself invisible, has been a point of contention for Pokemon Go fans since Gen 3 made its mobile debut. And for some reason or another, Niantic has yet to add Kecleon to the game.

It could be because the developers aren’t sure how to add it. In the mainline games, Kecleon is often an invisible roadblock that players have to reveal using a special item. But how could they translate that into Pokemon Go?

Many players have joked that Kecleon has been in the game all along, you just can’t see it. Others have suggested that it could be added as an invisible Pokemon on the map players would just have to tap around until they find them. But now, a real issue has come to light that’s caused by the lack of Kecleon.

Kecleon makes Pokemon Go complete

In Pokemon Go, players can earn platinum medals as a way to signify they’ve completed a great feat. A number of these platinum medals are obtained by completing different regional Pokedex. This requires players to catch one of each Pokemon from a specific region.

Sadly, of the 135 Pokemon introduced in Hoenn, only 134 can be found in Pokemon Go. Can you guess which one is missing?

Brought to light by Reddit user twivel01, the absence of Kecleon makes completing the Hoenn dex impossible. In turn, this holds players back from completing other quests that require a certain number of platinum medals to be obtained.

Optimistic players began to theorize when Kecleon would be released in Pokemon Go. They guessed it’d arrive during the Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn event in 2023.

Others demanded Niantic address the Kecleon situation as one user commented, “Hoping they release Kecleon or just admit it will never happen and update the badge.”

It would be a little confusing if Niantic chose not to add Kecleon to Pokemon Go at some point, but their silence on the matter is also unsettling. Kecleon could reveal itself in Pokemon Go next year, or maybe it really has been there all this time… invisible to the untrained eye.