Pokemon Go trainers confused by poorly-worded Oddish Research Day bonus

Oddish appearing in the Pokemon Go Spotlight HourNiantic

Pokemon Go players are confused by how Niantic worded an Oddish Research Day bonus to earn a Sun Stone.

On September 17, Pokemon Go held a Research Day focused on the Generation 1 creature Oddish. The Grass/Poison-type’s final evolution can be either Vilepume or Bellossom depending on your preferred choice.

During the event, trainers could encounter Pokemon like Roselia and Bellsprout more frequently. Additionally, there was an increased chance of finding XS and XXL Oddish and its Shiny version.

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Some trainers were puzzled by one Research Day bonus that offered Sun Stones held by wild Oddish. However, Oddish spawned from research instead of appearing in the wild.

Pokemon Go players are unsure about Oddish Research Day bonus

A Reddit user expressed confusion about the Oddish Research Day bonuses on the Pokemon Go subreddit. The OP circled the bonus that revealed some wild Oddish would be holding a Sun Stone. However, the Oddish appeared from research, leading to some trainers’ uncertainty.

One Pokemon Go player solved the mystery by revealing that creatures from research are still considered wild. Others backed up Niantic’s wording by saying that the game does announce “a wild Oddish has appeared!” after completing research tasks.

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“This was the absolute worst way to describe what they are actually referring to,” one trainer wrote. It would have been much more accurate to specify it as follows. ‘Oddish from field research encounters may be holding a Sun Stone.’

Another Pokemon Go user explained how Niantic should change Research Days. “Research day is a super cool idea but they need to increase the odds of getting event tasks,” they remarked. “I walked/drove the entire event and easily 60% of my tasks I was getting were for AR scanning, pokeballs, or nonevent encounters.”

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Additional trainers revealed the event didn’t even show up for them or they didn’t catch a single Oddish.

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