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Pokemon Go: What is Rank Tanking and why are trainers doing it?

Published: 9/Mar/2020 12:17

by Paul Cot


Purposely decreasing your rank in any game seems counter-productive, yet that’s exactly what trainers are doing in Pokemon Go’s GO Battle League.

GO Battle League’s (GBL) pre-season comes to an end this week, with GBL Season 1 starting on March 13. In GBL players are given a rank between 1 and 10.


This is important as you will only be matched against opponents who have the same rank. Naturally players of a lower rank will invariably be easier to defeat than those of a higher rank.

GO Battle League RewardsGO Battle League’s rewards are very generous…

Incentive to be a lower rank

Niantic have announced some impressive rewards for GO Battle League. One of the rewards which is grabbing everyone’s attention is the chance to encounter Darkrai, the Mythical Pokemon.


There are five matches in a GBL set and you can win rewards for each match you win. One of those rewards, for winning at least four of your five matches, is an encounter with a mystery Pokemon.

Sometimes this encounter can be with Darkrai, at least until March 9, 8pm local time. The rate at which you can encounter the Pitch-Black Pokemon is unknown but the mere fact it can be obtained as a reward, and not just in five-star Raid Battles, is well worth taking advantage of.

The issue is winning four of those five battles, though. It sounds easy but when you’re coming up against trainers with the same mission then it becomes hard work.


The result of this has been trainers intentionally losing in an attempt to lower their rank and therefore face easier opposition – known in the community as Rank Tanking. After all, we’re still in pre-season and your rank will be “partially reset” when Season 1 starts.

Altered Forme Giratina Reward GBL
The chance to earn an Altered Forme Giratina encounter will certainly get trainers playing GO Battle League…

Giratina reward up next

For those of you worried about missing the opportunity to earn Darkrai as a reward, Giratina will replace it next week. Altered Forme Giratina will be available as a GBL reward from March 13 to March 16, to celebrate the start of Season 1.

It would be wise to make the most of this generous encounter as it seems unlikely Legendary/Mythical Pokemon will be regular rewards in GBL. There’s also the chance of finding the Renegade Pokemon in its shiny form!


Niantic to act?

Niantic will almost certainly change the way GO Battle League works for when Season 1 starts. The last thing they want is trainers intentionally losing battles.

Rank Tanking also reduces the incentive for players to use Premium Battle Passes (lower the reward threshold) – something which Niantic will surely act upon. They want trainers to use Premium Battle Passes wherever possible.


How exactly they will alter the reward system remains to be seen but we could see something like rewards given after a certain number of wins, as opposed to winning battles within a set. This is all part of the fine-tuning process ahead of the full launch but it’s interesting to see how trainers take advantage of the current system in place.


Pokemon gets TikTok challenge for Sword & Shield’s Crown Tundra in Japan

Published: 17/Oct/2020 1:03

by Brent Koepp


The Pokemon Company is launching a TikTok challenge in Japan to celebrate Sword & Shield’s DLC, The Crown Tundra. The contest has monsters such as Pikachu dancing next to Trainers in an adorable fashion.

Sword & Shield has been a massive hit on the Nintendo Switch, as the RPG is already the third highest-selling release in the Pokemon franchise. The RPG is set to get its second DLC, The Crown Tundra, on October 22.


To celebrate the launch of the add-on, The Pokemon Company has launched a TikTok challenge contest in Japan. The adorable Poke-themed dances will be sure to warm the hearts of Trainers about to explore the icy region.

pokemon sword shield tiktok challenge japan
The Pokemon Company / TikTok
Pokemon get its own TikTok challenge contest in Japan.

Sword & Shield Pokemon TikTok challenge

On October 15, The Pokemon Company International revealed the Japanese TikTok challenge. Trainers who download the app can record themselves dancing with four ‘mons using a special filter.


Participating monsters include Gen 8 characters Alcremie, Wooloo, Morpeko, and Isle of Armor Legendary, Kubfu. And of course, the series’ beloved mascot, Pikachu, also makes an appearance.

As an example of the kind of dances you can do to match the Pokemon’s style, a video was released on the official International YouTube channel. The clip adorably shows Pikachu mirroring the fans’ moves.

Participants that get the most likes can win a plushy of one of the five Pokemon that are a part of the TikTok challenge. Unfortunately at the time of writing, the contest is in Japan only.


The TikTok challenge isn’t the only time a Pokemon has moved to a beat. In August, Pikachu teamed up with the viral Pineapple Pen guy to make a music video based on the Electric-type’s voice lines.

It will be interesting to see the creative ways Trainers come up with dances to match the ‘mon of their choice. The adorable challenge celebrates the Sword & Shield DLC, The Crown Tundra, which hits stores on October 22.