Pokemon Go player left devastated after Shiny “tragic” miss

Scott Baird
Morelull group in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Go player has been left devastated after they missed their shot at catching a rare Shiny Pokemon.

While Pokemon Go has made it a lot easier to catch Shiny Pokemon and move them between games, the chances of meeting one are still incredibly low, even during events with higher Shiny encounter rates than normal.

There are also some caveats that come with catching Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go, as the player relies solely on catching & berries. In video games, players can at least increase their chances with status effect moves, putting the enemy Pokemon to sleep.

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While certain Shiny Pokemon won’t run away in Pokemon Go, the ones you encounter in the wild can dash at any time. This happened to one poor player who lost out on a valuable Shiny that fled the battlefield.

pokemon anime morelullThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Go player missed out on the chance to catch a Shiny Morelull

A user on the Pokemon Go Reddit has revealed screenshots of their missed opportunity to catch a Shiny Morelull, as it ran away before they could nab it in a Poke Ball.

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“No! Not the pretty mushroom, I’m sorry that happened,” one user wrote, while another said, “That sucks… never lost a shiny in Pokemon Go, but I lost my first shiny in Fire Red. It still haunts me 20 years later.”

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Shiny Morelull in Pokemon Go is a highly-prized Pokemon, as it has one of the better color schemes among all of the Shiny Pokemon. The base Morelull has a drab color scheme, while the Shiny Morelull has a more vibrant red, making it look like it belongs in the Super Mario Bros. games.

The fact that the player missed their chance to catch the Shiny Morelull means they may never see another one again. Luckily, they could also attempt to catch one in the Gen 7 or 8 games, boosting their chances with a Shiny Charm.

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There are few Pokemon experiences more harrowing than losing out on a Shiny Pokemon, and fans rushed out to share their condolences with the player who lost their Shiny Morelull. Thankfully, Pokemon Go isn’t going anywhere, and they still have years left to encounter another one.

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