Pokemon Go player exposes difference in GO Fest ticket prices across multiple app stores

Zackerie Fairfax
The Pokemon GO Fest 2022 ticket and logo

The finale event for the global 2022 Pokemon Go Fest is taking place later this month, and one player has discovered that tickets are being sold at varied price points depending on the app store and mobile device.

Earlier this year, Pokemon Go hosted its third global Go Fest event, allowing players worldwide to experience a weekend of festivities. However, players found the event underwhelming, with many claiming it to be the “worst Go Fest ever.”

The criticisms mainly stemmed from two issues. A spawn glitch that negatively impacted the efficiency of Incense and Lures, and low odds of finding Shiny Pokemon. Many players see Go Fest as an opportunity to rake in the Shinies, but this year’s event did not provide that experience for most users.

Luckily, players have another shot at finding Pokemon Go Fest Shinies during the finale event on August 27. And tickets are back in the item shop, but one player has discovered they aren’t all priced the same.

Pokemon Go Fest tickets differ in price

Reddit user Adri4n23 posted screenshots of the Pokemon Go item shop to the r/TheSilphRoad subreddit. They included the prices for the Pokemon Go Fest ticket and Galarian Zigzagoon Field Notes on both the Samsung and Google Play stores.

On the Samsung store, the Pokemon Go Fest ticket cost $15.60 to buy and $7.18 to gift to another player. The Field Notes: Galarian Zigzagoon pass costs $0.99 to purchase and $1.42 to gift.

However, on the Google Play store, the Pokemon Go Fest ticker costs $17.99 to buy and $7.99 to gift. As well, the Field Notes pass costs $0.99 to buy and gift.

Others commented that the price for the tickets differed for them as well. Some stated the Go Fest tickets cost $10.99 USD to purchase and $4.99 to gift. One user mentioned that the Samsung store in Canada usually offers a 10% discount on tickets and sometimes offers coupons to lower the prices even more.

User MommotDe explained that the reason for differing prices was because Niantic sets prices based on the US dollar. Stores that use different currencies will differ in price slightly due to conversion. However, players should look for the best deal when buying tickets for events outside of the US.