Pokemon Go player claims they caught the “worst possible Pokemon” of all time

Eleni Thomas
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A Pokemon Go player has shared their latest catch, claiming that they have caught the “worst possible Pokemon” of all time.

The downside to the Pokemon slogan “catch ’em all” is that there are times when Pokemon might not even be worth catching. For one Pokemon Go player, this reality may have led to them catching the “worst Pokemon of all time.”

Sharing their new catch on Reddit, the original poster stated, “I think I just caught the worst possible Pokemon: It has the lowest possible CP + 0% IV’s + XXS.”

The Pokemon in question is a Diglett, one that fellow Pokemon Go players have similarly stated is one of the worst Pokemon they’ve ever seen someone catch.

One PoGo player commented on the Reddit thread calling the catch “digsh*t” while another also called the find “sh*tlet.”

However, others have also pointed out that catching such a low-ranking Pokemon, nicknamed “nundos” by players, is actually extremely rare and a feat that many wish they could parade around.

“I wish I had one of those. The lowest CP possible plus nundo. I think the weakest would be a nundo 10 CP Magikarp,” wrote one PoGo player.

Another added, “Oh yes! This should be celebrated!! I love my Nundo Arbok it’s hilarious to use him in PVP and raids and stuff. Keep him and raise him up to glory!! Go Diglett!! Congrats!!”

Other players even pitched the idea of having a nundos showcase to display the worst Pokemon they have ever caught in the same way hundos are showcased within the community.