Pokemon Go leaks reveal a major co-op feature is in development

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Pokemon Go co-opNiantic

New Pokemon Go leaks reveal a major shift in the game’s co-op capabilities. Placeholder titles designate it as the PartyPlay feature and fans are already speculating on potential inclusions.

Pokemon Go has undergone some major changes since its less-than-humble beginnings as a global phenomenon. The implementation of Raid Battles, PVP through the Pokemon Go Battle League, and Routes have all improved interpersonal play.

These options allow players to venture beyond the core gameplay of navigating their local areas and interact with the Pokemon available. Now thanks to data miners, Pokemon Go players can get excited about a new co-op feature that will expand the gameplay further.

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The Pokemod Group has been sifting through the recent 0.283.0 update for Pokemon Go and discovered something referred to in internal data as PartyPlay. Screenshots and footage posted to Pokemod’s Instagram and Twitter reveal more about the feature.

Pokemon Go PartyPlay feature explained

The PartyPlay feature appears to allow four players initially to team up and share their location with one another. There also appears to be interaction with Pokemon Go’s other multiplayer elements like Raid Battles.

Based on the screenshots from Pokemod’s Instagram, there looks to be naming and search functions so you can find relevant parties. Players in the comments expressed hopes for a feature that would allow less extroverted players to form friendships by making themselves available for party play.

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New challenges involving PartyPlay appear to be baked into the feature but rewards for these are uncertain. The four-player limit does make it ideal for 20-player raids which could be made up entirely of people using PartyPlay in Pokemon Go.

While other Pokemon games have featured co-op play, this is a first for Pokemon Go. A party system has been requested by fans for some time now, and it looks like they’ll get their wish eventually.

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There’s no official word from Niantic on the PartyPlay feature as of yet. Given that, its implementation could be a while off.

To stay updated on Pokemon Go news, check out our dedicated Pokemon section for regular updates.

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