Pokemon Go glitch gives Primal Groudon a unique cone of shame

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go Groudon Ouch

A Pokemon Go player has found their Primal Groudon in an awkward position after a visual glitch gives the giant Legendary an odd cone of shame.

Pokemon Go players are always having fun with visual glitches in the mobile app. Discoveries are frequently shared on social media, from texture swaps that create “Shiny” species to bizarre model bugs that remove the eyes from wild encounters.

However, some particularly odd glitches can create nightmare fuel or even put favorite Pokemon in awkward positions. Players recently saw this when the iconic Team Leaders were stretched out into monsters following a wardrobe update.

In a recent graphical mishap, one Pokemon Go trainer has shared an unfortunate and potentially embarrassing image of their Buddy companion Primal Groudon, who appears to be wearing an odd cone of shame.

Pokemon Go player’s Primal Groudon goes to the vet

In a Reddit post shared by Lucariojr on the r/pokemongo subreddit, the player shares an image of their Primal Groudon Buddy with its head stuck through a PokeStop. The post reads, “Got him fixed today, had to put a cone on him to keep him from chewing at the stitches.”

The player refers to the PokeStop accessory as a “cone of shame,” which is used to keep furry family members from licking injuries after a trip to the vet. The image amused Pokemon Go fans, filling the comments with sympathy for the Buddy and questions about how the “trip” went.

One user comments, “Groundon? more like GROUNDED. HAHA. (I’m so sorry)” while another adds, “He ran out of balls. On a more serious note, does he spin around like Kecleon on a stop? That only is hilarious to see”.

While the Primal Groudon is likely to escape his embarrassing predicament with a reset of the app, the image is definitely one to leave Pokemon Go players giggling. Hopefully, the Groudon and its trainer don’t continue getting stuck in PokeStops during future adventures.

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