Pokemon Go fans want simple change to Shadow Mewtwo raids

Dylan Horetski
Shadow Mewtwo in Pokemon Go.

Rural Pokemon Go fans want one simple change for the upcoming Shadow Mewtwo raids as many look forward to the limited-time event.

Since the release of Team Go Rocket, one of the most sought-after Shadow Pokemon has been legendary ‘mon, Mewtwo.

Set to release yet again — this time in the newly introduced Shadow Raids — many are trying to figure out how they’re going to take it down.

Rural PoGo fans on Reddit, however, are calling for a simple change that would make Shadow Mewtwo better for them.

Pokemon Go fans want Shadow Mewtwo raid change

Shadow Mewtwo makes its raid debut on May 27 & 28, with raid eggs hatching throughout the almost 24-hour timeframe.

However, Rural players on Reddit would like to have a predetermined timeframe for the sought-after raids similar to Elite Raid battles.

“Shadow MewTwo not having a predetermined gym/time is going to suck,” they said. “If they are going to make something so exclusive that requires so many in-person trainers, we should have more information on where/when to gather.”

“I can’t get anyone local to respond to me about meetups which means my only shot at doing any raids since I live in the middle of nowhere is just going to be to hang around all day in an area that’s nowhere near my home in the hopes I find other people raiding, which sucks.”

Other players quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts, with many agreeing to the change.

“Same bro, literally means I’ve got to head to the city and just sit around and wait for someone to jump in the raid. Could take hours. Guess I’m not catching one,” one user said.

Another replied: “Yup it sucks, all raiding for small communities has been sh*tty since April.”

Similar to Elite Raids, Shadow Raids aren’t capable of being done with a remote raid pass either — making it even harder for people to find a group to defeat Shadow Mewtwo.

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