Pokemon Go fans split after user purifies Shadow Articuno

Dylan Horetski

Pokemon Go fans on Reddit can’t decide how to feel after a user purified a Shadow Articuno, giving it a perfect IV appraisal in the process.

Since the release of Shadow Pokemon, Pokemon Go players have continued to find ways to make use of the popular Team Go Rocket creatures.

PvP players have found uses for many of the Shadow Pokemon instead of Go Battle League, and many have decided to stop purifying any of their Shadow catches.

One user shared on the Pokemon Go subreddit that they purified a Shadow Articuno, and users don’t know how to feel about it.

Pokemon Go trainer purifies Shadow Arcanine after iconic catch

Posted on July 27, 2023, user axl_hiu shared their super rare catch with the Pokemon Go subreddit. In the screenshot, you can see a “hundo” purified Articuno.

“The shadow was almost 4* so I purify it!!!,” they said. When purifying Shadow Pokemon, the IV goes up a set number of points across the board.

This means that if it’s close enough to a perfect appraisal by your favorite Gym Leader, you can purify the ‘mon to create a hundo.

However, users aren’t sure how to feel about it as many have gotten used to not purifying any of their shadow ‘mon for the Go Battle League.

“Who cares about meta choices, it looks so beautiful this way! I play mostly to collect, I would probably do the same,” one user replied.

Another said: “Correct choice seeing as shadow articuno isn’t useful. And shundo legendary is at least a rare collection piece.”

While a third replied: “Fail. Shoulda left it shadow.”

“I hate seeing good Shadow Pokemon getting purified,” a third said. “Yet it’s an awesome thing to see.”

Regardless of others’ opinions, it’s clear the OP is happy with their choice to purify their recent catch. For more Pokemon Go news and other viral stories, head over to check out our coverage.