Pokemon Go fans vent frustration at Clefairy event spawn rates

Pokemon Go Season of Light Clefairy Event Harvest MoonThe Pokemon Company, Niantic

Pokemon Go players have taken to social media to express frustration and outrage over poor communication and spawn rates for the recent Harvest Moon Clefairy event that was part of the Season of Light Psychic Spectacular.

The past week has been filled with adorable Fairy-type highlights for Pokemon fans, with Clefairy taking the spotlight on most Pokemon-related social media.

This culminated in a special limited event in Pokemon Go, where Clefairy appeared more frequently in the wild on September 10, from 6 PM to 9 PM local time.

While the chance to find and catch the strange, otherworldly Kanto Pokemon was exciting for many players, the event seems to have had a few hiccups.

Pokemon Go players share spawn rate issues on Twitter

Following the event’s conclusion, players took to the official social media announcement on Twitter, expressing frustration about low spawn rates. There are also claims Niantic did a poor job of offering information about the event, causing many in different time zones to miss out.

According to the Pokemon Go website update for the Clefairy event, the Fairy-type was to appear “more frequently” in the wild during the event’s window. The Pokemon spawning also had a chance of appearing Shiny, drawing many Pokemon Go Shiny hunters in for a late-night challenge.

Brandi3981 responded to the official event tweet with “So this is essentially a community day but late in the day and so far I haven’t seen a single Clefairy and it’s been that for 3 minutes” while BudzinskaDonata added “I found this event/thing (what was that really?) pointless. Just a bunch of clefairy spawning in the evening. Not a specific bonus to it. Not even higher shiny chance.”

Both players pointed out the lack of direction the event seemed to struggle with, and vocalized confusion as a player on what exactly the purpose of the event was outside of the slightly increased Clefairy spawn rates.

Pokemon Go player tymc03 also chimed in, adding “Don’t bother, alot of people are saying rates are garbage” to those inquiring about the value of trying to join in on the event.

Many other players around the world also criticized Niantic’s late post, with the tweet going live after many time zones had already finished. NatureTheBee replied with “u legit posted this at 11pm for me how is that meant to help”, illustrating the frustration and communication issues that have been seen repeatedly with worldwide players in recent months.

While it is unlikely an event this small will receive a redo or an apology makeup event as seen with broken Community Days over the summer, the frustration players faced will hopefully be heard by Niantic to help create more streamlined events in the future.