Pokemon Go Clefairy Commotion event: Dates & times, more

Clefairy commotionNiantic

Pokemon Go has announced the next event: Clefairy Commotion. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming boost in Clefairy spawns.

Pokemon Go’s Season of Light launched on September 1 and Niantic wasted no time launching events for the new season.

They almost immediately announced Inkay Limited research, a Cosmog-focused Special Research event, and most recently — Psychic Spectacular 2022.

Now Pokemon Go has revealed Clefairy Commotion, inspired by this year’s harvest moon.

Pokemon Go Clefairy Commotion dates & times

Niantic has announced that Clefairy Commotion will happen on Saturday, September 10, 2022, From 6 pm to 9 pm local time.

Pokemon Go Clefairy Commotion wild spawns

During the event, Clefairy will spawn more frequently in the wild. If you’re lucky, you may even encounter a shiny version.

Screenshot of Pokeballs in Pokemon GoNiantic / The Pokemon Company
Its always helpful to stock up on Pokeballs before a new event in Pokemon Go.

How to prepare for Pokemon Go Clefairy Commotion

With a focus on spawning Clefairy in the wild, it’s important to stock up on Pokeballs before the event.

Here are some easy ways to stock up on balls before Clefairy Commotion begins:

  • Daily Adventure Incense – If you have less than 30 total Poke balls in your bag, Daily Adventure Incense will give you 30
  • Open gifts from friends – Gifts provide trainers with Poke balls, Great balls, and Ultra balls
  • Spinning Poke Stops – Poke stops can provide trainers with balls — if you’re lucky
  • Daily free box – every day the PoGo shop provides users with a free box of supplies, often giving trainers Poke balls
  • Buying them – The in-game shop has bundles of 20, 100, and 200 Poke balls available to purchase as well

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